Why do collectibles now have points?

Before now all collectible values were fairly subjective to each user – maybe the mint number was a lucky number for you, or the mint matched the player’s squad number. It was kind of up to each user how they valued their collectibles. Now, our universal points system defines a collectible’s points score based on four different criteria – meaning you’re more informed about a collectible’s value before you decide to swap or keep. Each collectible’s points score is based on:

  • A collectible’s edition (i.e. is it part of a 1st or 2nd edition collection)
  • Mint number (the rank of the collectible within the volume minted, e.g. #12 of 100)
  • Mint volume (scarcity – the total number of collectibles minted in that edition)
  • The collectible’s Level, e.g. Base (bronze)

What does the points score mean to me?

It means you’ll be able to make better decisions when collecting, comparing and swapping collectibles. Our work is never done though, so we’ll be adding more functionality to the points system over the coming weeks. Examples include using your points score to earn you ‘Instant Rewards’. Or entering leaderboards and draws for amazing prizes. Put simply: you create your unique club collections and get rewarded for being a fan. 💃

What’s next for my collectibles?

Points on collectibles lay the groundwork for an in-app coin value and open up the opportunity for a value-based swapping eco-system. Over time we’ll be adding more collectible levels and more editions, meaning there will be more ways for you to accrue points and get rewarded. Exciting!


What will I see in SWAP?

  • Points score on an individual collectible
  • Points score in a pending swap deal – including total points score of all collectibles offered in a swap (great for figuring out if you do want to swap or not)
  • Edition number of your collectibles (1st editions are the most sought after)
  • Mint number and mint volume of any collectible
  • Total points score of each of your squad collections for each season

In short:

  • All collectibles are worth points
  • Every club squad collection has a potential points score
  • The more rare, the more points
  • #1 mint has the highest points score
  • #1 mint of 10 minted in total is worth more points than #1 mint of 1000 minted
  • BUT the collectible Level and edition also affect points score
  • Coming later: more Levels, Leaderboards, Instant Rewards, competitions to win amazing prizes



Why not jump back into SWAP now and see all the awesome points on your collectibles!