New to Fantastec SWAP and have questions?

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What is the objective of SWAP?

The objective of SWAP is to complete your club albums and earn all the trophies. SWAP players who achieve this will have the chance to earn real rewards with the clubs they have completed collections for. More details coming soon.

How do I complete my albums?

When you join SWAP for the first time you are awarded free promo packs. Use these along with trading tactics to swap for collectibles you are missing with your connections. SWAP assigns you 10 random connections to get you going. You can earn free promo packs by completing challenges and getting friends to join. Additionally, you can buy packs from the SWAP store.

Find Pro level football collectibles that have SWAP-exclusive video content and rare Hero level collectibles with signed autographs from the football stars themselves. Our SWAP Blockchain keeps track of who owns what no matter where in the world they are.

How do I search for collectibles I need?

There are three ways to find missing collectibles.

1. Tap the player gaps in your albums to launch a search

2. Select the SWAP icon from the bottom Nav and search a player name in the SWAP market

3. Look at your connection’s spares (through your profile icon), tap the collectible you want and initiate a swap.

How do I swap?

To begin swapping, choose a connection’s spare collectible and tap “SWAP”. Then choose up to 5 of your own spares that you want to offer in return. The more connections you have, the more possible swaps you can choose from.

Every swap possible with your connections is filtered by most recently active. Look for higher numbers of collectible matches. This number represents the number of spares in your collection that match what the other SWAP player needs.

How do I get more collectible packs?

After registering, you will receive two free promo packs. Then another two free promo packs when you complete your profile. Each pack will have three collectibles for you to Stick or Spare. Additionally, you can purchase packs from the SWAP store.

I have 10 connections I didn’t invite and don’t know, why?

SWAP helps you to build a new global network of football connections. You can only swap with connections you have in your network, which you can either invite, or accept invites from. When you start though we want you to have connections to swap with to get you going, so we assign 10 random people from around the world. It’s up to you if you want to swap with them.

Why can I only invite 10 friends?

You can invite as many friends as you want. However for security reasons we limit the number of invites you can send to 10 per hour.

Who can I swap with?

You can swap with any of your 1st degree Connections. To find more connections you can invite friends by searching their username, inviting them through email or searching suggested connections by favourite clubs in your Profile page – Connections tab.

Feel free to also explore the ‘history tab’ of your swapped-in collectibles to find 2nd degree connections you can also invite. Simply tap on their username.

Are swaps always just one collectible for another collectible?

No, you can select up to five of your collectibles to swap for another collectible. Just select the collectible you wish to offer before you confirm the swap. Then you can review your offer before you commit to it.

How can I see who I am swapping with?

You can tap on the person’s avatar to view their mini-profile.

I changed my mind, how do I cancel a swap?

When you enter a SWAP Request, this becomes ‘pending’ until the other player accepts. Until they accept you can also go to your ‘Swap Market’ page and cancel the swap by reviewing it in the ‘Pending’ screen. An accepted swap cannot be cancelled.

I’m stuck, I’ve no more spares and no more card packs to open. What can I do?

If you’ve opened all your packs, try inviting new friends to earn additional packs. Seek out new connections through any swapped collectible’s History tab. You can also go to Store to buy packs or open packs you’ve bought.

What’s the difference between 1st degree and 2nd degree connections?

1st degree connections are SWAP users who have accepted your invites to connect. Whereas, 2nd degree connections are SWAP users who are connected to your 1st degree connections but not you. You can send them an invite by clicking their name and sending an invite from their mini profile.

I just swapped – where is the collectible I traded for, I can’t see it?

The blockchain can take a few seconds to record the transaction and ensure the swap is yours. If the SWAP network is really busy it can take up to 15 seconds to appear in your Spares – but don’t worry, it will appear. You can access Spares from the bottom of your home screen. From there you can decide to Stick the card in the album or keep it in your Spares.

Why can’t I find any collectibles when I search?

If you see ‘No Results’ when searching on the Swap Market, this means that you don’t have any collectibles that your 1st degree connections are looking for. Try searching for another player or look to increase your 1st degree connections to improve the chances of finding your missing collectible.

You can also invite new swap users to your network using the Suggested Connections tool under in the Connections tab on your profile, or inviting your 1st degree connection’s ‘connections’, through their profile page.

What’s the difference between Base, Pro and Hero collectibles?

All collectibles are unique and exclusive to the SWAP app. Base cards feature the player’s photos in HOME and soon in AWAY kits. However Pro cards host a short video, and some Hero cards host the football player’s personal autograph – authentic and protected. Once you’ve added the collectible to your Album or Spares, your ownership at that point in time will be recorded on SWAP’s Blockchain.

How are stats determined for individual cards?

All of the statistics on SWAP cards are determined by the player’s performance in the current 2018/19 season.

For Arsenal Mens’ players, stats are taken from the English Premier League, UEFA Europa League, the Emirates FA Cup and the EFL Carabao Cup.

For Arsenal Women’s players, stats are taken from the FA Women’s Super League.

For Borussia Dortmund players, stats are taken from the German Bundesliga and UEFA Champions League.

For Real Madrid players, stats are taken from the Spanish La Liga, UEFA Champions League and the Spanish Copa del Rey.

How many trophies can I collect?

The number of trophies to collect will vary with each club that joins SWAP. There are currently 4 trophies per squad (Base, Pro, Hero and ‘All Players’ complete) in addition to three other trophies to collect for your gameplay. Squads can be Men’s, Women’s, Home or Away or Specials. You can find the trophy page by clicking on your profile avatar and selecting your Trophies tab.

What are the trophies awarded for?

Trophies are awarded to SWAP players for their achievements – from completing a squad to challenges like building your connections. More trophies for more gameplay achievements are coming soon!

I’ve forgot my password, how can I access my account?

On the Sign-up page of the SWAP app, just tap the option to reset password. For security reasons you will be sent an email verification code which you will need to allow us to reset your password. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Can I clear notifications?

You can’t “clear” notifications from the notifications page. But you can ‘uncheck’ them to mark them as ‘read’. You can do this by swiping along the notification to the left and tapping the blue check box that appears.

How many Clubs are in Fantastec SWAP?

We are proud to launch Fantastec SWAP with Arsenal Men’s and Women’s squads. We’re excited they are now joined by top German club Borussia Dortmund, and one of the world’s most successful clubs Real Madrid!

How many squad kits are there?

The home kit for both Arsenal’s men and women’s teams are available at launch. The home kit for both Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid are also ready to be collected!

How do I buy packs?

You can buy packs by going onto the store and paying through your Apple App Store or Google Play account.


What devices does SWAP work on?

SWAP works on all devices that operate on iOS and Android. Make sure you have a stable internet connection to enjoy the best experience.

Will SWAP work in all countries?

SWAP will work on most modern iOS and Android devices. In the coming months, SWAP will also be available in a range of languages.

Do I need to register an account to use SWAP?

Yes. Register your account to keep track of all your swaps, friends and most importantly collectibles! We need to ensure they are allocated to you through your chosen Username.

How do I see my collectible’s video content?

If you have a Pro or Hero collectible, just tap the play button in the bottom left corner to play the video. You can pause the play by tapping the screen and stop it by tapping the stop icon on the bottom right.

Why won’t the video play on my collectible?

Sometimes your internet connection affects the SWAP app. Make sure you have a stable connection to ensure the best experience.

Help! - My collectibles don’t load correctly.

Double check your internet connection so the app is loading the images properly. If the problem continues, let us know by emailing or send a message through the Support section in the app, accessed via the ‘hamburger’ icon.


I’m under 16 years old can I still register an account?

Yes, you can, we’d be delighted if you could join SWAP! Please ensure a parent or guardian reads and agrees to the terms and conditions found on the registration page.

How do I change the information in my profile?

Click on your Avatar on the top left of the screen and then click the ‘Edit’ button on the top right. This will allow you to change everything from your Name, mini-bio, favourites, your settings and change your password. You cannot change your Username however – this is because your unique collectibles are registered to this name in the app and on the Blockchain.

I have problems logging in, who shall I contact?

You can reset your password on the Login screen. Alternatively, send us an email to and we will be back in touch to assist.

How do I reset my password?

On the Login page, you can tap the “rest password” option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Why do I have to select my favourite team or players?

It’s up to you. When using SWAP, we want fans to build connections in the global community. So, the more information users share about their favourites, or themselves on their mini-profile, the more informed you might feel about who you’d like to connect with. This way we can also suggest new connections to help build and complete your albums.


What is the Blockchain?

Blockchain is a ‘trust network’ of computers that independently checks the information ‘state’ of your collectibles to ensure they are true. That means items of unique value cannot be digitally copied, altered or stolen.

These ‘Blocks’ of data are time-stamped and encrypted by each computer which adds a permanent, verified record to the ‘chain’ which cannot be changed or deleted by anyone. That means your collectibles are protected and preserved.

Why does SWAP use the Blockchain?

In the real world, when you swap something you have it in your hand straight away so there’s less chance of being tricked or cheated.

But when you swap online, how can you know that you’ll get what was agreed? Digital data can be falsified, altered, or unproven to start with. Fake autographs aren’t cool. You need trust. SWAP’s solution is a first in football collectibles with the official endorsement and involvement of participating clubs. That means authentic collectibles, permanently protected.

SWAP uses technology called a Blockchain so you can always trust that you’ll be trading original photos, unique content, or official player autographs. SWAP’s rare collectibles are protected and can sustain their value.

The Blockchain uses mathematics and cryptography to make sure all trades are fair and true, so people all over the world can exchange valuable things online with confidence.

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